With in-depth knowledge seminars we highlight burning topics such as men's violence against women, ADHD in girls and women, addiction and risk use. We fill the main lecture hall at our neighbor WINN Hotell, with room for 200 people. During the autumn we invite you to digital events. Welcome to enrich your skills.

Work that makes a difference

Around a thousand people receive support through the Coordination Association Östra Södertörn every year. We work with guidelines-based methods. Our holistic approach lays the foundation for collaboration. We are passionate about making a difference for people in our municipalities and the whole of Sweden.

Clear values govern

The projects are financed by the European Social Fund. An obvious part is the so-called horizontal principles – equality, equality, non-discrimination and sustainability. We work norm critically and choose ways of working linked to gender, sexuality and violence.

Inclusive society

Our mission from the government means that we should have a clear gender and integration perspective. Everything from planning, follow-up and evaluation of pre-rehabilitating efforts is permeated by the perspectives: Human rights, gender equality, business intelligence and analysis, anevise-based methodology, researched methods and methods we have experience of. We utilize and convey knowledge about violence prevention methods and working methods.

Calls and analysis

We capture knowledge, evaluate and analyse. Everything to create change in depth. With gender-disaggregated statistics, we get data that helps us create a strategy for how we can reduce the unequal labour market that exists in our field. We regularly follow up on participants' perspectives, ranging from treatment to how we can support them towards the labour market.

Advocacy work

When a participant asks an MEP: 'Who wants me in their budget?' it becomes a constructive meeting. Therefore, we ensure that different competencies meet our participants for mutual exchange of experience. By following up on participants' experiences, everything from treatment to how their lives have changed through their participation in our efforts, we see what works for those who want to approach the labour market.

The government's gender equality goals are our goals

Gender equality is about women and men having the same opportunity to shape society and their own lives.
Gender equality is created where decisions are made, resources are allocated and standards arise.
Therefore, the perspective must be included in daily work in municipalities, authorities, companies, associations and other organizations.