Our joint efforts lead to work and well-being

The Coordination Association Ö is working to strengthen trust in
authorities and develop Swedish democracy.

We create interaction between
The Employment Service, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency,
Region Stockholm and our three municipalities
Tyresö, Haninge, Nynäshamn.

Our idea

We listen and take into account structures, processes, conditions and opportunities. It helps us to implement good collaboration. When we streamline welfare resources, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the Employment Service, the Municipality and the Region can focus on theirs, without any person risking falling between the chairs.


Our joint efforts lead to work
and well-being

Everyone has the right to develop as a human being regardless of functional capacity. Our mission from the government is to help people who are far from the labour market get the right support to start studying, or working.
The driving force is to promote equal rights and opportunities. We will give people the chance to support themselves and to have more power over their lives. Every day we see people increasing their social engagement with a growing self-confidence.


Collaboration is a systematic collaboration. Through governance, structure and consensus, we give people the right support in the right situation.
The prerequisite for success is that we who work at the Coordination Association have genuine knowledge of our partners' respective assignments.

Personal support

We are simplifying the path to the labour market for people who need to have contact with several authorities at the same time.
Sometimes it's about housing support, rehabilitation, study guidance, digital coaching, health talks or getting the right diagnosis. We use several guidelines-based methods such as Supported employment and Case management, but also work training. Other times, it is unclear what is required. Then we have methods to find out. In the Resource Council, all authorities meet to provide participants with the right support.

Trust in the authorities

When people receive support they are entitled to, any fear of the systems and the feeling of helplessness or exclusion decreases.

Being self-sufficient increases people's interest in society. Our driving force is to strengthen democracy through more committed citizens who trust their authorities.

Coordination associations in one minute:

The authorities' arena for cooperating financially and simplifies for people who need support and rehabilitation in order to reach the labour market.

Ensures that society's resources are used more efficiently.




We cannot solve challenges of unemployment, mental illness, integration and inequality, but we can provide inspiration and knowledge that contributes to common strength.

Our knowledge seminars and in-depth knowledge seminars address topics such as men's violence against women, ADHD in girls and women, addiction and risk use. We usually fill the large lecture hall at our neighbor WINN Hotell, with room for 200 people

Although the breakfast is good, we know that the audience comes to enrich their skills.

We regularly follow up on participants' perspectives on everything from treatment to how their participation worked for them in life. Are they closer to the labour market?

We capture knowledge and evaluate it. This is the basis for our analysis work, which in turn makes it possible to create change in depth.


Coordinating East South Tower Anna Lexelius
Anna Lexelius

Head of The Federal

Anna Kristiansson
Anna Kristiansson

Finance and administration

Coordination-related Eastern South Tower Annica
Annica Falk

Project Manager MIA Further
Deputy Head of The Federal

Helena Bajlo


Coordination-bound Eastern South Tower
Emmelie Söderholm

Project Manager MIA ÖS
Deputy Head of The Federal

Karin Benzler


Coordination-related East South Tower Maria
Maria Kinhamer

Project Manager Samrehab

Margareta Nylander

Project Manager SamMA

Hanna Borglund

Process leader SamMA

Kerstin Larsson

Project Economist MIA

Coordination-bound East South Tower Sara
Sara Zechel

Process Leader Young

Coordinating-related Eastern South Tower Tomas
Tomas Heghammar


Maria Rösby
Maria Rösby

Process leader Mia further


Each member authority has one member on the Board of Directors. The chairmanship circulates between Haninge, Nynäshamn and Tyresö for two years at a time. Ajda Asgari, Tyresö, is chairman 2020-2021. Board work has always been good - an important prerequisite for a successful business.

Preparation group

In support of the Board there is a preparatory group which, in addition to the Federal Governor, consists of officials from the member authorities.


The Board meets approximately 6 times a year. If you need to know the times, email Anna Kristiansson who can also send older minutes.


Ajda Asgari (MP), Chairman, Tyresö Municipality
Claes-Göran Nilsson, Vice-President, Swedish Public Employment Service
Agneta Tjärnhammar (M), member, Municipality of Nynäshamn
Nicholas Nikander (L), Member, Region Stockholm
Anna Johansson (KD), Member, Haninge Municipality
Kristofer Stjernqvist, Member of the Swedish Social Insurance Agency


Sedat Dogru (M), Haninge Municipality
Dick Bengtson (M), Tyresö Municipality
Roland Junerud (S), Nynäshamn Municipality
Katrine Nordskog, Employment Service
Ola Hägg, Region Stockholm
Veronica Eriksson, Insurance