We are signing up for democracy. You do it, too.

Around the world, democracies are being challenged and weakened. But Sweden's democracy is on a solid footing, in that fundamental rights and freedoms are well rooted in the population. Let us help keep it that way.

Here, turnout is high, as is trust in democratic institutions and trust between people. At the same time, too many people are outside society, there are too many who neither participate nor feel part of our democracy.

As public discourse hardens and anti-democratic actors become increasingly visible, there is reason for extra momentum around work that strengthens democracy. For us at the association, it therefore feels obvious to sign the declaration produced by the Committee democracy 100 years.

The purpose of the declaration is to gather and engage all forces that want to participate in a democracy-strengthening work, it is part of the Committee's work to establish the national collection Our Democracy – worth protecting every day.

The signatories to the declaration take a stand for the equal value of all people, fundamental rights and freedoms and the rule of law.
They reject discrimination, extremism, xenophobia, corruption and racism.

 For us, it feels self-evident and is in line with our perspectives on gender equality, inclusion and non-discrimination.

 These are principles that we sign up to every day, over and over again. You do it, too.

Actors such as authorities, municipalities, regions, organizations, associations, foundations, academia and companies that want to contribute to strengthening and developing democracy in Sweden have been welcomed to sign.


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